Charles V. Cusimano, II
Justice of the Peace

”The monetary value of the disputes handled by the JOP Court seem small compared to the cases I handled in the 24th District, but to the litigants it may represent much of their net worth.  They should receive efficient, courteous, and professional treatment.”

About Judge Charles V. Cusimano, II

With nineteen years as a District Judge, including a term as Chief Judge and nine years in the state legislature serving on the Criminal Justice, Civil Law, and Natural Resources Committees, Judge Cusimano’s qualifications far exceed those required for the office of Justice of the Peace.

Judge Cusimano, who was instrumental in revamping the criminal
justice computer system, has ambitious plans to modernize the JOP operations. These plans include electronic case management that may allow litigants to file electronically and track the status of their case via the Internet.

With the approval of the Supreme Court, Judge Cusimano is also in a unique position to help reduce the workload and expense of the district courts by hearing default judgments.

Experience We Can Depend On...

24th District Court Judge 1988 – 2007
Chief Judge, 24th District Court 1996 – 1997
Practicing attorney 1979 – 1988
Member, Louisiana House of Representatives 1979 – 1988
Member, House Committee on Criminal Justice
Member, House Committee on Civil Law
Member, House Committee on Natural Resources
Business owner